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The Spirit of University Avenue - Saint Paul

Devastated first by Covid-19 and then by organized looters, University Avenue is rebuilding itself with the energy of immigrant and minority entrepreneurs - just like 3 decades ago. Boarded buildings like we can see on the avenue were converted to vibrant cultural destinations where one could enjoy the food, music, art from all over the world. These entrepreneurs achieved success with minimum government intervention - mainly their own sweat equity and capital. Now they need help as looters took everything away and burned their businesses to the ground. The Murals on University Avenue offered by Springboard for the Arts and other artists and organizations capture the rich Spirit of University Avenue - Vibrant, Cultural, Resilient, Creative, Local and Global and rooted in the local community. Partner as we all rebuild University Avenue. Ensure any aid received goes as directly as possible to the entrepreneurs with minimum bureaucracy and conditions. Partner with ethnic based/connected community development corporations and financial institutions as these organizations are already supporting these businesses and need to expand their capacity to grow the avenue. University Avenue has the potential to become the most vibrant dynamic wealth creation engine for economic growth in Minnesota.

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