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Bruce P. Corrie, PhD

Economist & Cultural Entrepreneur

As a cultural entrepreneur I work with businesses and organizations who want to infuse, a business, a commercial corridor or a neighborhood into a wealth creating cultural destination. 

Over the years I worked with other cultural entrepreneurs who have created cultural destinations such as Little Africa, Little Mekong, Rondo - Historic African American Cultural District, District Del Sol and the American Indian Cultural Corridor.

As an economist I realize that celebrating the economic value of the cultural assets of people in low income neighborhood is a very powerful strategy for economic development as it puts the person at the enter of their own economic empowerment and facilitates the liberation of the human spirit.

I recently completed an eighteen month journey as the director of the city of Saint Paul's department of planning and economic development where we developed a model for the role of local government and other funders to facilitate the growth of cultural destinations.

In these pages you will find insights from this work by practitioners and cultural entrepreneurs. We will be available to assist you in this journey.

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