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Cultural Destinations

Wichita, KS

Experience the World

Experience the world at these unique cultural destinations in Wichita, Kansas


Cultural Destinations

Driving through early morning I caught some of the many cultural destinations in Wichita, Kansas, including a large mall area. Read here about the grilling tables at GangNam Korean BBQ..yes the name after the pop hit...

GangNam Korean BBQ

Passage to India

Marrakech Cafe

Thai House

A possible tour to these Cultural Destinations in  Wichita, KS

Thank you for visiting.  I visited Wichita, KS recently and it has much to offer. We welcome your suggestions and will do our best to make periodic updates. We provide resources on this page as an “educational resource” (  By using these resources you agree we are not responsible for the experience of visitors to the business, or the experience of the business with people visiting this business or products and services purchased or offered at these businesses listed on the tour, or any other liability or experience of the visitor or business owner.

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