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Little Africa
Walking Tour

Experience the World

Walk through Little Africa and experience the vibrancy of Africa

Little Africa Business and Cultural District is the work of African Economic Development Solutions - Gene Gelgelu, President.


Sabrina's Cafe and Deli

Begin the tour at the corner of Snelling Avenue North and University Avenue. You will see a building with a beautiful mural done by Midwest Murals.

In the building you will find Sabrina's as well as other businesses - Sunshine Beauty Salon, and two African grocery stores.

See - the beautiful Mural

Taste - Chicken wrap, Ethiopian coffee, Sambusas

Shop- African Groceries at Addis Market

Beauty - Need a braid or hair styling - try Sunshine Beauty Salon





AJ International Mall

Next to Sabrina's Cafe is this mini African cultural mall with different kinds of businesses from fashion to a beauty salon which does Henna.

Shop - the various fabrics and products of these businesses

Gift Ideas: Scarves, shoes, clothes, fabric..

Across the street is the popular African retail store Piazaa.

Snelling Cafe

Across from Hamline Park you will find Snelling Cafe. This is an East African restaurant serving food from Eritrea, Ethiopia and West Africa.

It is a place where many events of Little Africa are held.

Try - Injeera and Beef Awaze, Spicy Chicken Sandwich, Foule (vegetarian), Machiato coffee, and African beers.

See - the two beautiful murals on the buildings presented by Midway Murals.

There is a hair styling business next to Snelling Cafe where you can get your braids done.

Samson Upholstery

Across the street from Snelling Cafe you can get your boat, chairs or sofa upholstered by Samson. He is always looking for workers if you are so inclined too..

Concordia University Walking Tour

Recently students from Concordia University did a walking tour of Little Africa organized by Cultural Destinations. They began enjoying the mural by Sabrina's while eating into a delicious sambusa made by Chef Karima. Then they visited the small businesses in AJ International Mall. They walked over to Snelling Cafe for a delicious sampler of Injeera and Beef Awaze Tibbs and Misherwat (lentils).

Dr. Bruce Corrie of Cultural Destinations and Concordia University provided an overview of  the Little Africa Walking Tour and the experiences of businesses during Covid. Gene Gelgelu, the visionary behind Little Africa shared how he worked with the community to bring this vision into life and the new location of AEDS being constructed by Snelling Cafe.

Walking Tour Route