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Cultural Malls

Los Angeles

Experience the World

Experience the world at these unique cultural destinations all across

South Los Angeles

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 Leimert Park

Experience the Soul of African American culture and traditions in a space rich in history and experiences.
Queen Aminahs


Sole Folks

Hot and Cool Cafe

Aziz Gallery

Nappily Naturals

Thai Town

The Flavors of Thailand and ornate buildings awaits you in Los Angeles. Try various delicacies at the Northern Thai Food Club a short walk from the main area of Thai Town.


Northern Thai Food Club

Little Ethiopia

Little Ethiopia brings you a delightful experience with its street signs, art infused restaurants and gift shops

Messob Ethiopian Restaurant

Latino Los Angeles

From Mariachi Plaza to outdoor Mercardos, street food, murals and more. Enjoy a meal with authentic flavors of Mexico and Latin America. At this outdoor market connected to a larger indoors mercado. a unique local experience awaits you. 

El Gallitos Restaurant

Mariachi Plaza

A possible  tour to these Cultural Destinations in Los Angeles to experience the world in a day

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Thank you for visiting.  I visited LA recently and visited the places on this list in about half a day. LA has so much to offer. We welcome your suggestions and will do our best to make periodic updates. We provide resources on this page as an “educational resource” (  By using these resources you agree we are not responsible for the experience of visitors to the business, or the experience of the business with people visiting this business or products and services purchased or offered at these businesses listed on the tour, or any other liability or experience of the visitor or business owner.

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