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Taste the World or Gift the World - this holiday season. Visit these cultural destinations, enjoy takeout or get a gift card for a colleague, friend or neighbor. Driving tour at this link

To add new cultural destinations, from restaurants to art and retail,  please contact See below for details. Partners: Cultural Destinations. Little Africa. MN Rapid Response Coalition. ALANA Community Brain Trust. Neighborhood Development Center, HumanistsMN. Thanks Nancy Ngo, food and lifestyle reporter for  featuring this special in the Pioneer Press.

Taste of Burma. Taste of Little Africa. Taste of Cambodia. Taste of India.

Taste of Somalia. Taste of Mexico. Taste of Japan. Taste of Vietnam. Taste of Ethiopia. Taste of Eritrea

Restaurants: Algelgil , Snelling Cafe, India House, Sanag, Sabrinas,

Cheng Heng, El Burrito Mercardo, Pham's Rice Bowl, Intown Sushi, Friendship Cafe


To that special person who is building the community - gift a Don't Complain, Activate T-shirt, Hoodie or Cap!


Enjoy various entrees like Chicken Adobe, appetizers including Mexican beer and popular drinks


Hours: 9-7 weekdays, 7-7 pm weekend


First 25 get free 5 pack face masks

Gift Card Available

Snelling Cafe2.jpg

Enjoy Vegan (Foule) and Non Vegan dishes from Eritrea, Ethiopia, Italy including

African beer from Cameroon, Eritrea.

Call: 651 644 1933

Hours: 10-10 pm, Sun Noon-10 pm

First 25 get free 5 pack face masks


Two Entrees - Try their vegan platter or the Injera Lamb Awaze and African beer or other beverages

Call - (651) 340-3291

Gift Card Available


Special Cambodian entrees and dessert. Check out the Chaa Kroeng

Call: 651 222 5577

Hours: 9:30 to 8:30 pm

First 25 get free 5 pack face masks

Gift Card Available


Various Indian entrees including Tandoori chicken, Chai and Indian beer

Call: 651 293 9124

Hours: 11-10 pm

First 25 get free 5 pack face masks

Gift Card Available


Enjoy Somali, Indian, Italian food, Somali tea, sambusas. Try the lamb chops..

Call/Text: 9526071824

Hours: 11 -9 pm

First 25 get free 5 pack face masks

Taste Burma.jpg

Enjoy entrees from Burma and Thailand, including the shrimp and eggplant curry.

Call: 651-487-7696




Enjoy sushi in various combinations

Call: 612-354-2706

Hours: 11-4 pm

Sunday Closed


Chappati wraps, chicken and rice and bakhlava for dessert and other Ethiopian and the Mediterranean food

Call: 651 797 3941

Hours: 10 -10 pm

First 25 get free 5 pack face masks


The idea behind "Don't Complain; Activate" is that you don’t have to be President Barack Obama or Beyonce Knowles-Carter to activate your community. This movement is to show you that you can be a teacher, a mom, a dad, an actor, an artist, a janitor, a doctor, a carpenter, an activist, or lawyer. There’s no one way to activate your community. We are all leaders; all we have to do is to take action.

Gift a DCA T-shirt, hoodie, or hat to someone in the community who is making a difference.


Enjoy entrees from Asian countries, egg rolls and bubble teas


Call: (612) 870-2622

Hours: 10 -6 pm

Sunday Closed is only involved in promoting these restaurants as a voluntary service and is not involved in billing, food production, preparation, packaging or delivery. For promotion related questions please send email to

Face Masks donated by the Minnesota Rapid Response Coalition.

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