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Cultural Real Estate Development

There are examples of cultural assets influencing real estate development projects. Below are examples of African American, Asian American and Native American developments in Saint Paul.

BROWNstone Model Cities

Dr. Beverly Hawkins was perhaps the first female African American developer in Saint Paul/Minnesota. This mixed use building has a distinct African American influence including a Reading Room dedicated to the history of the Pullman Porters.


Reading Room - Pullman Porters

The Reading Room at the BROWNstone building offers an experience around the history of the railroads and the important role of the Pullman Porters

Model Cities Reading Room.jpg

Ainh Da Yung Development

This housing development offers cultural themes from the Native American experience

ain dah yung.jpg

Little Mekong Building

New facades added to this building in Little Mekong to provide an Asian cultural theme

Little Mekong Facade.jpg
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