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Cultural Destinations Boutique- State Fair

Cultural Destinations Boutique - State Fair 2024

If you are a small cultural business located in Minnesota with souvenirs, gift, art, books, and fashion products from around the world you could apply to feature some of your products at the Cultural Destinations Boutique at the State Fair. The boutique celebrates the cultures of the world in Minnesota.


The Opportunity - Visitors will find items for gifts or personal use from a diverse range of cultures of the world. They will also have the opportunity to learn about these cultures and share an expression of belonging at the interactive art mural at the boutique as well as opportunities to win prizes and enjoy cultural activities and mini fashion shows.


Eligibility - Priority will be given to small cultural businesses across Minnesota, in particular, businesses offering a unique cultural experience and celebrates the culture of the business owner. The boutique will feature products by country or by product type, for example, 'coffees of the world', culturally inspired fashion and culturally inspired art.

Space: There will be a 4 - shelf stand and a clothing rack with dimensions of approximately 13" x 25" x 13" for each country or region featured at the boutique. This will imply about 2-3 businesses can be featured by country. For art work please connect with the boutique for details.

Benefits: Participation in the boutique offers the following benefits:

  • The opportunity to share your culture with Minnesota

  • The opportunity for Minnesotans to enjoy your culture

  • The opportunity to test your products with new demographic groups

  • The opportunity to increase the visibility of your business

  • The opportunity to join a network of cultural businesses through the Cultural Destinations network that will be active beyond the State Fair.

  • The opportunity to build wealth while creating a space for all to "Enjoy Cultures."


Cost to Participate:

  • The businesses need to be part of the free Cultural Destinations network -a network of cultural businesses offering customers a unique cultural experience (see In 2023 the Cultural Destinations booth featured 50+ cultural businesses at the State Fair.

  • Being a member of the Cultural Destinations network implies that you agree to offer a quality product, a welcoming environment and a unique cultural experience rooted in your cultural traditions.

  • Your products will be featured in the boutique and a time slot will be allocated to you to be present and engage with people at the Fair for a few hours. The boutique can only feature products of members of the Cultural Destinations network.

  • To keep costs manageable for cultural businesses featured, your cost will be a percentage added to the price of your product offering. 

For Application Details

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